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Kavita Chavda


Blogger. Shayra. Passionate writer. IT engineer. Philosopher. Counseller. Digital Marketer. Content Marketer. Introvert at heart. Dreamer. Impractical. Spiritual. Self-lover. Over-thinker. Dreamer. Independent. Loves relationships at soul-level. No time for temporary people. Craves for depth in people. Half-hearted friendships, surface-level relationships and fly by night hookups are just not my thing.

I have received so much love and support from you all on this blog, previously called Playing with words when I posted my write-ups and now I’ve turned this blog as a platform for bloggers to connect and share. These 3 amazing girls who are already bloggers on wordpress joining me to help with this blog. The Blogger’s Paradise(TBP) is a result of collaborative efforts of we four 🙂

Enigma Okoto


Hello everyone, I am Okoto Enigma. I love reading novels and writing. I write poems, novels, and plays; but mostly poems which are packed on my blog, among other things. I write to let go and forget; to find peace and express myself through powerful words; words that represent who I am. I’m a first time blogger; and I enjoy blogging, a lot. I created this blog:  for so many reasons; and it means a lot to me. I hope to someday be a professional blogger; that’s the dream.

Prajna Pathak (Priyadarshini)


Hello everyone,

I am Prajna Priyadarshini Pathak…I love writing, cooking, traveling and spending time alone with myself. This blog: is just a representation of mine. It contains my thoughts on various spheres of life. My main motive is to enrich and motivate my readers about life. I believe that life is like a journey and it is full of ups and downs. it doesn’t remain stable. hence,we should build a positive approach towards everything in life and work upon it.

Sweta Ojha



A young novelist who explores merriment by penning down words dressed in a colorful wardrobe. Words that speak of uncertainties, anxieties, joy and belief. Words that sketch imagery defying truth , reality eluding illusion and all that lies in between.
If you’re someone who loves to read anything and everything that provokes a thought, meet my ideas and share your views right here. Also, find a proper narration of similar thoughts etched in my debut novel The Last Journal’

Thank you for stopping by and heartily welcome to get involved in the TBP’s activities 🙂

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