Weekly prompt #2

Hello friends. Hope you all doing good. So today is Wednesday, we call it “Writers’ day” or “Writers’ Wednesday” and the day of our 2nd weekly prompt of the poetic duets and story duets challenge. If in case you don’t know the process of participation, kindly check out: Home

You have to write based on/ related to today’s picture prompt : Rewind suggested by Enigma 🙂

Rewind your year 2016 and write something about it.


nstructions: When you get a final 10 line poem or a 100+100 words story with a co-author here in comments, post it to your respective blogs including a pingback to our post. For pingbacks, include the following link in your post:



8 thoughts on “Weekly prompt #2

  1. When I press Rewind,

    It’s like I lose my mind.

    2016 was his year, his power over me.

    2016 when my whole being, just wanted to be free.

    He made me think it was me who was mad,

    When really his psychosis was what had gone bad.

    Enslaved in game play I never won,

    In taking my freedoms that’s how he shone.

    Rewinding, reminding me will make stronger,

    I’ll be free of him this year and again be stronger.

    (Amen! ©)

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