Weekly prompt #1 : The Rag-picker

Hello friends. Hope you all doing good. So today is Wednesday, we call it “Writers’ day” or “Writers’ Wednesday” and the day of our very first weekly prompt of the poetic duets and story duets challenge. If in case you don’t know the process of participation, kindly check out: Home

You have to write based on/ related to today’s picture prompt : The Rag-picker suggested by Priyadarshini 🙂


Instructions: When you get a final 10 line poem or a 100+100 words story with a co-author here in comments, post it to your respective blogs including a pingback to our post. For pingbacks, include the following link in your post:

<a href="https://thebloggersparadise4.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/weekly-prompt-1-the-rag-picker/">Rag-picker</a>


39 thoughts on “Weekly prompt #1 : The Rag-picker

      1. I made it 12 lines, Summarising…

        The Rag_Picker
        Dilip & M.Gin

        There is beauty, there is life. In these things I scavenge.
        Polyethylene covers thaws in heat, putrid revenge
        I harm myself just to survive.
        Sometimes hard; sometimes harder
        In this filth, I quench my thirst and feed my hunger.
        In this filth, i collect thy cover like never — forever;
        The hope of having a brighter tomorrow dims every day.
        Yet the courage to gather food prickle…
        Because until the day I die, these rags may be my only riches…
        My inner light begins to glow;
        my mind stirs; when they call
        me ‘The Rag-Picker’

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  1. मैं तो एक अभागा हूँ मैंने न बचपन न यौवन देखा
    मन के मयूरों की बस्ती ने सदा सुलगता सावन देखा
    आशाओं की हत्या कर हर रोज समर्पण करता हूँ
    मेरे सपनो के उपवन ने बस पतझड़ का मौसम देखा

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  3. I imagine I’m in a field of green, picking flowers with friends unseen.
    Instead I’m here foolishly stood, as I long for a normal childhood.
    Another mans rubbish is my treasure, is this how my life they measure?
    When will I see brighter days, instead of rummaging through this daily haze?
    Will anyone really truly see me, can the blogging ladies post save me…

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